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Episodes 17-26

The episode numbers are based on the order that they were probably taped and only on the episodes which have been shown on TBN.

Episode 17:
first shown in 1996

This episode deals with the problem of anorexia. Lindsey's friend, Kristen, is a girl who is very skinny, but she claims that she is fat! Even though Kristen didn't want her mother to know, Lindsey and Kiera go to tell Kristen's mother about Kristen's anorexia. As Lindsey and Kiera are telling Kristen's mother, Kristen walks in the door. Kristen protests and says to Lindsey and Kiera, "You're not my friends! Real friends stick by each other! They don't rat on each other to their moms!" Then Kristen, storms out. At first, Lindsey thinks she lost a friend. After Lindsey and Kiera gets back to the clubhouse, Colby says to Lindsey, "What you did today was to lay down your friendship to save Kristen's life." Later on, Kristen visits the Clubhouse. She has been getting treatment for her anorexia. She says she is feeling a lot better and it wouldn't have happened if Lindsey and Kiera wouldn't have told Kristen's mother. Then, Kristen says that she is sorry for getting mad at Lindsey. Lindsey accepts the apology, and says that she is glad that Kristen is getting better. Colby and the other kids then tell Kristen that God speaks to his children through the Bible and with a still small voice. Kristen, in this episode, is Kristen Yuen.

Episode 18:
first shown in 1996

Zane has to go through surgery. His parents tell a boy named Nick, in the hospital bed next to Zane, the gospel of Jesus Christ. At first, Nick is bitter. His grandmother and uncle Mark, had passed away in the same car wreck that Nick was injured in. Nick's grandmother and uncle have Jesus as their forever friends, so they are in heaven. Zane's parents tell Nick that the accident was not God's fault, and that, if Nick accepts Jesus, Nick will see his grandmother and uncle again in heaven. Nick wonders who will play basketball with him now that his uncle Mark is gone. Zane says he will, after they both get better. After Zane and Nick got out of the hospital, Zane tells the other kids at the Clubhouse that Nick started going to church, and best of all, he received Jesus Christ as his Saviour! The other kids are happy for Nick. This episode teaches that God uses bad things that happen to his children for good. Nick Bowser is Nick, Bonnie Adams played the surgeon, and John & Mary Gerson are Zane's parents.

Episode 19:
first shown in 1996

In this episode, the kids sing nine Christian songs. The words are displayed at the bottom of the screen. The songs are: I'm Gonna Hide God's Word Inside My Heart; Let the People Praise You O God; Peter, James & John; All Things Work Together For Good; Great is Your Faithfulness; Your Love O Lord; The Lord is my Strength; Trust in the Lord; The Books of the New Testament.

Episode 20:
first shown in 1996

This is a continuation of episode 19. The kids sing ten more Christian songs. The songs include: The Bible's Just a Book; Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho; His Banner Over Me; This is My Commandment; It's Not By Might; Rejoice in the Lord Always; Lord I Will Wait; Silver & Gold; I'm Gonna Hide God's Word Inside my Heart; Trust in the Lord.

Episode 21:
first shown on November 23, 1996

This is a special Thanksgiving episode. In this episode, the kids learn to be thankful for what they have. An Earwitness News skit is shown with Danielle as Danielle Rather. On this segment of Earwitness News, some kids replay the coming of the pilgrims to Plymouth Rock, only the kids do not get the story quite right, and we end up with a humorous result. For instance, Brittany comes on the set with a Native American costume and says, "Aaron, can I be Pocahontas? Please!" Aaron tells Brittany, that Pocahontas was at the Jamestown settlement, not at Plymouth Rock. When the kids eat, they use paper napkins. Aaron protests that they didn't have paper napkins back then. This episode is only shown on TV the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Episode 22:
first shown in 1996

Brett's older brother, Joe, gets into trouble once again, and Brett complains that his dad is paying much more attention to Joe than to Brett. God has to change Brett's attitude. Joe is driving his car to a party. He loses control of his car and it runs into a tree. Fortunately, he isn't hurt. His dad comes by with Brett. Joe's dad says, "You could have been killed!" Joe says, "I am sorry!", and says that he does not want to be the way he is, and he wants to change. Joe's dad says that he forgives Joe and that they will get through this. Later, Brett says at the clubhouse that at first his dad spent more time with him, but later his dad was so worried that Joe would go back to his old ways that Brett's dad spent even more time with Joe, then before. Later, Brett feels that God has changed his attitude, and he seems happy for Joe. This episode also has a spoof of a famous daytime talk show with Beau playing Greegis and Dawn playing Raspy Lee. In that segment, Greegis and Raspy Lee interviews the prodigal son, his dad, and his brother who thinks it was unfair that the dad celebrated the return of the prodigal son. Lee Durlach played Brett's dad, and Joe Petty played Joe.

Episode 23:
first shown on January 11, 1997

The boys form a rock band and the girls talk about a girl, named Jennifer (her nickname is Jenny), who was elected sixth grade class President because she gave away things to other kids in her class. Dawn was defeated in the election. Jennifer was played by Stephanie Wall. Stephanie became a regular cast member on episode 27 which was taped in 1997. (Part 1 of 2)

Episode 24:
first shown on January 18, 1997

The boys want to make it big with their rock band, until some of the girls remind the boys who should be first in their lives. Also, the kids tell Jennifer about their forever friend, Jesus. Jennifer becomes impressed that Colby and the kids are praying for children that they haven't met, without getting paid for it. Then, Jennifer accepts Jesus as her forever friend and becomes part of God's family. (Part 2 of 2)

Episode 25: "It's Not By Might" AVAILABLE ON VIDEO
first shown on March 22, 1997

Kiera must cope with her mother getting married again, and Krysta repeats gossip in a telephone call and must learn not to gossip. Colby reminds Kiera that her mother will still spend plenty of time with her, even though Kiera has to share her mother with Kiera's new stepdad. In another phone call, Krysta hears gossip about another girl, but decides not to repeat it, because she does not want to hurt that girl's feelings. Meanwhile, the kids prepare to have a puppet show, and sing and dance for a first and second grade Sunday School class.

Episode 26:
first shown on May 3, 1997

Colby is missing and the kids find a button that looks like one of the evil Vandella Virus's buttons. Because, Vandella had earlier tried to steal Colby, the kids accuse Vandella of stealing him. Inspector Persnickety comes and looks for clues. Persnickety finds a wrench in the yard outside the clubhouse. Persnickety and the kids then know that it is the same type of wrench that the two diagnostic disks, Flip and Flop use for their repairs, so they telephone Flip and Flop. Persnickety and the kids find out that Colby is at Flip and Flop's shop getting repairs. Lindsey says to Vandella, that she is sorry for accusing Vandella of stealing Colby. The kids learned that you should not always jump to conclusions. Kim Durlach played Vandella, Peter Jacobs played Persnickety, Lee Durlach played Flip and Dan Kotoff played Flop.

The order that these episodes are shown on TV is episodes 19, 20, 17, 18, and 22 through 26

The kids listed below were regular cast members on episodes 17-26. Some of the kids were not on every episode. The kids are:

Jessica Adams, Kiera Cope, Brittany Durlach, Laura Fager, Dawn Jordan, Paulina Johnson, Danielle Kincebach, Krysta Rodriguez, Lindsey Weeks; Saxon Christin, Beau Clark, Ryan Devin, Zane Gerson, Randy Landingham, Matthew Lomakin, Randy Stuck, Brett Traina, and Aaron Vaughan.

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